Weather monitoring

We were asked to provide a vineyard manager with a means of assessing how ‘in-canopy’ temperature and relative humidity varied across his vineyard.

Our solution was to establish a network of nine data-loggers with temperature and relative humidity sensors, across his vineyard.

Each logger had its own data-transmission unit allowing the data to be collected remotely and presented in real-time on a website that the client could access from his smart-phone.

The sensors were also linked to an automated frost alarm, alerting the vineyard manager with a text message and phone call when the vineyard temperature dropped below 1oC.

Monitoring the data enabled trends across his vineyard to be understood and informed his vineyard management activities.

The data was also fed into a disease model that helped him identify areas of the vineyard that would be more susceptible to specific disease pressure.

Project Data
Date Location Status
February 2015 Surrey Complete

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