Weather Monitoring

ClimateWine Weather Monitoring

Weather Monitoring

On-line in real-time

Having access to vineyard weather data supports day-to-day operational decisions and longer term planning.

Climate Wine works with a distributor of Austrian made Pessl weather instruments to bring vineyards precision weather stations and a range of data loggers and sensors.

Weather stations can be used to record weather at specific locations and support local weather forecasts.

Data loggers and sensors can be installed within vineyards to provide a more detailed understanding of weather conditions.

In both cases the data is transmitted and collected remotely, and is viewable in real-time through any internet enabled device such as a PC or smart-phone. The instruments can also be set up to send SMS message alerts for frost events or disease prediction.

Available sensors can measure:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Soil moisture


As well as providing weather data tools we also work closely with a specialist UK weather forecasting company, so if you're interested in getting weather forecasting services for your vineyard please let us know so we can help.