Vineyard frost protection course

Vineyard frost protection course


Alistair will be running a course on Vineyard Frost Protection Strategies in Yorkshire on the 20th February 2015.

Frost is a significant hazard to many vineyards in the UK, particularly spring frosts. Damage caused by frosts not only puts at risk the current season’s crop but also, because of the perennial nature of grapevines, can influence vine productivity for 2-3 seasons. The ability to minimise crop loss or damage is therefore fundamental to managing a profitable vineyard.

The workshop will examine what frosts are, how frosts occur, when and how frosts can affect grapevines, and site specific factors that can impact the level of frost risk. The workshop will progress to looking at trends for air frosts in the UK and how, at a vineyard level, frost risk and frost events can be managed. This latter section will look at both cultural/passive and active frost protection methods available to vineyards, and their associated costs. The important role of weather data in vineyard and frost management will also be discussed.

There will be opportunity to discuss specific vineyard situations collectively or on an individual basis.

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