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VitiCE project & ClimateVine app

The VitiCE project, the only one of its kind in the UK, offers UK grape growers a unique opportunity to monitor, manage, and record growing-season weather impacts on UK grape yields, via an app which will be free to use in the 2017 growing season.
The app will enable:
1. Delivery of viticulture specific weather forecasting services for UK vineyards that will include: current weather conditions, 5-10 day weather forecasts, extreme weather alerts, and spray and harvest warnings.
2. Presentation of national, regional and vineyard area weather data to track how the season is progressing against: a 10-year average and the previous year; compared with other app users / vineyards; relative to the rest of the UK.
3. Uploading and recording key phenology, disease, harvest, and yield variables by users for up to three vineyard sites per user and up to 15 varietal, clone and rootstock combinations.
To find out more about the app and its availability please visit:


UK climate-viticulture research


Alistair has a PhD from the Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of East Anglia, researching the affect of climate change on viticulture in the UK. If you are interested in finding out more about this research, or have related research interests of your own please get in contact.

Vineyard frost protection course

Alistair will be running a course on Vineyard Frost Protection Strategies in Yorkshire on the 20th February 2015.
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