Case Studies

Frost risk analysis

A UK vineyard experienced several frost events during 2014 that negatively affected their yield. The new owners wanted to know if frost was an historic ‘problem’ in their locality and commissioned a frost risk study to inform their decision about investment in frost protection equipment.

Frost Protection

Our brief was to provide a UK vineyard with a frost protection strategy and equipment recommendation

Weather monitoring

We were asked to provide a vineyard manager with a means of assessing how ‘in-canopy’ temperature and relative humidity varied across his vineyard.

Climate Analysis

Our brief was to identify how the wine grape growing season climate in south east and south central England has changed compared to a 1961-1990 average.

The VitiCE project & ClimateVine app

The VitiCE project, the only one of its kind in the UK, offers UK grape growers a unique opportunity to monitor, manage, and record growing-season weather impacts on UK grape yields.

Project Management

From site survey to recommending suppliers and contractors, to overseeing work, developing and managing budgets and time-deliverables, to recruiting staff and working with planners and architects Climate Wine took the stress and guess work away from the client and delivered a turn-key enterprise to the clients delight.