Frost Protection

Frost Protection

Looking after your investment

Spring and autumn frosts can severely damage vineyard productivity.

Climate wine works with Shur Farms Frost protection to deliver both high resolution frost risk analysis of vineyard sites and their award winning Cold Air Drain - an economical, quiet and automated frost protection device.  Climate Wine also provides a range of data analysis and models of localised historic frost events to help safe-guard existing vineyards and provide intelligence for those looking at prospective sites.

Shur Farms Cold Air Drain has an auto-start function meaning you don’t have to get out of bed to start it up, and a range of power modes.

It’s easily moveable and is particularly effective at removing cold air from sites on slopes, in valleys or with frost pockets. It works by thrusting cold air upwards to a height of over 90m. As the coldest air is being sent up, it collects and mixes with the warmer, lighter air from above. 

This helps to give the cold air continuous lift and allows it to rise higher, until it is dispersed into the upper inversion layer.

The coldest air layer is drained and will not fall back down.  More info on

Climate wine also provides information on other frost protection equipment and passive protection measures.

Climate Wine works with suppliers of other frost protection equipment and where these are suitable we will recommend them to clients. Our aim is to get you the best solution for your budget and vineyard site.