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Climate Wine combines expertise with science and technology to reduce risks to vineyard investments.

An international consultancy, we provide the wine production sector with a bespoke portfolio of weather and climate risk analysis, ultra-high resolution vineyard modelling, award winning frost protection equipment, weather sensors, and environmental risk management services.

Whether you have a vineyard, are looking at prospective vineyard sites, or have a specific wine related climate information need, we’ll work with you to deliver a solution.

Climate Analysis

From site specific air flow models to historical frost event mapping or local growing season weather conditions, analysis of weather and climate in existing or prospective vineyard sites helps clients with critical investment and production decisions.

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Weather Monitoring

Our recommended weather stations and vineyard sensors provide temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, soil moisture, wind and other weather data, displayed in real-time on any internet enabled device, to inform management decisions.

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Frost Protection

Climate Wine provides existing and prospective vineyards with frost risk studies, passive and active frost protection advice, and economical, quiet, automated frost protection equipment to safe-guard grape production.

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Research and Training

Climate Wine is actively engaged in research that assesses past, present and future risks to wine production from weather and climate. If you’d like to learn more about wine related weather and climate, or frost in particular, please get in touch.

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